Saturday, October 18, 2008

drum role please. . .

Ha Ha! I feel so bad that we have mislead so many people! Sorry to disappoint, but we are not expecting a little one! We have recieved phone calls, posts & all sorts of disappointing sighs when we tell people not yet! Hopefully soon............but not too soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the wedding

I absolutely loved my wedding! Jason & I were married June 25, 2005. It was at his parents house in Firth on the river! It was a beautiful sure didn't last long enough though! I was just rumeging through some pics & came across our wedding & honeymoon pics. I told Jason I could get married every year! I love the whole process. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw me for the first time walking down the aisle! He is my soul-mate!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i love my little family!

Aren't they cute? I mean Diezel & Junior. I absolutely love my boys more than anything in this world. There so freakin' photogenic & handsome!
Today has been one of those-stay inside rainiy-days. We watched confrence, cooked all day & I swear it's days like this I never forget.
Stay tuned......we just may have some big news soon! Don't get too excited! I have more family pics coming soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

de lechable, vacation in a bottle!

de lechable(pronounced de-lek-ta-buhl, I know it's French) is my home made bath & body product business. I have also expanded to home scent. Stop by my site & see all de lechable has to offer! Reed diffusers, linen spray, body scrubs, lotion, bubble bath dish soap, & my brand new baby line----booboo baby!!! I have so much fun & hope you enjoy my products as much as I do.

he is a miniture Brad Pitt!

I love him, I love him! This is my nephew Cache & we had a day together. Wow what an amazing little person. I took some cute pics of him in the bath tub that I have to share with everyone!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

without a hitch!

Jason's surprise B-day Bash went on without a flaw! He was so stinkin' surprised, it was not even funny. He did give me a little stress, because he wasn't sticking to the supposed "plan" for the day, but it all worked out. I want to thank everyone who came. It meant so much to the both of us. We had a great dinner, a very adorable cake & fun drinks. I loved the look on his face when he came to the house. I will never forget it, & I don't think he will either!

a relaxing day of fishing

Today, Jason Diezel & I went up to the Blackfoot river to do a little fishing. Diezel absolutely loves to go to the river. Today he was chasing bubbles in the water, & actually swimming!!! Yeah that's right, our boy went out in the middle of the river & swam back to us. This is strange, because Diezel hates water; don't even mention the word "bath" around him. We didn't catch much, but it was such a beautiful day, we couldn't help but enjoy ourselves. It is so fun to watch Jason in his element of being in the river & casting his fly rod. I love days like this. I remember them forever!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the undeciders

Yep, that's right. Jason & I are the most indecisive people you will every meet. Right now I am teaching Yoga & Pilates which I love. I also have my bath & body product line de lechable. It is so much fun to come up with an idea & actually put it to good use. And when people want to use those products too, that is even better!

Jason, who is the most talented person on earth, is a sub-contractor. It pays the bills for now, but I know Jason is destined to do something great! We are definitely entrepreneurs. We are really concentrating hard this year on making some good career goals & moves.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ahhh, the good life!

Hello All! I have been meaning to get a blog up & going & finally I got around to it!

Jason & I are doing so great. Being married is the best thing to ever happen to us! We just finished building our first home, & enjoy our efforts for now. We will be putting it on the market soon. We are planning on both going back to school in the fall, but where or where? We are considering San Diego, where Jason will let me fullfill my dream of going to art school! Oh I can't wait to live by a beach & have awesome weather EVERY DAY!

For the spring, we plan on putting in a yard which I can't wait for! Who knew I loved gardening so much. Then come summer, we are hopeing to do some much needed vacation time! Hawaii, Oregon, & Maybe Spain(Not all of course, but I wished!).

For now, Jason's b-day is coming up & I have a huge surprise for him!!! I think though, he might be catching on. It is so hard to keep a secret from my best friend.

Diezel the wiezel is now 5 and half & the most amazing little guy in the world! He is my other best friend. Where I go, he goes!