Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ahhh, the good life!

Hello All! I have been meaning to get a blog up & going & finally I got around to it!

Jason & I are doing so great. Being married is the best thing to ever happen to us! We just finished building our first home, & enjoy our efforts for now. We will be putting it on the market soon. We are planning on both going back to school in the fall, but where or where? We are considering San Diego, where Jason will let me fullfill my dream of going to art school! Oh I can't wait to live by a beach & have awesome weather EVERY DAY!

For the spring, we plan on putting in a yard which I can't wait for! Who knew I loved gardening so much. Then come summer, we are hopeing to do some much needed vacation time! Hawaii, Oregon, & Maybe Spain(Not all of course, but I wished!).

For now, Jason's b-day is coming up & I have a huge surprise for him!!! I think though, he might be catching on. It is so hard to keep a secret from my best friend.

Diezel the wiezel is now 5 and half & the most amazing little guy in the world! He is my other best friend. Where I go, he goes!

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